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Integral Europe


The biggest national integral hub / network:





Club de Budapest France

A brief history of the integral movement in France:

The “club of Budapest” France  was created in September 1997. It’s an association in link with the philosopher Ervin Laszlo and his “club of Budapest International”.


Ervin Laszlo

The actual president of the association is Carine Dartiguepeyrou.
This association has created workshops since 2008.
These workshops are named “integral university days” (Les journées de l’Université Intégrale).


Alternative national integral hubs, organizations, initiatives, projects, interesting individuals:

  • The hummingbird movement – Les colibris le mouvement


This movement in France uses the From the philosophy of the hummingbird described in the following video: This movement, which is very active, doesn’t know integral theory, yet it is a part of the wave of the integral consciousness. In this movement, integral technology like Holacracy(TM), Open Space Technology, Word Café are used.
You might be surprised to know that the number of people registered to the hummingbird newletter, indeed it is pretty impressive as it reaches almost 65000 people. And the movement has been reaching more than 4 millions in France by word of mouth, communication from the movement.

This movement has been founded by Pierre Rabhi, who is a French farmer and philosopher influenced by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

Pierre Rabhi

Pierre Rabhi

  • Association for Complex Thought (Association pour la Pensée Complexe)

This association is in link with the complex thinking principles described by the French philosopher Edgar Morin.


Edgar Morin


Organizations linked with some “integral” material:


Facebook groups (in French):



Kevin Solinski

kevin [at]

personal background / bio:

  • Software and Information Architect at Orange France
  • Integral Master Coach™
  • Deeply passionate integral pioneer in France
  • Member of ECOIC (European Consortium Of Integral Coaches)



date: 2015-12-20